About Us

Welcome to the Minnedosa Veterinary Clinic.

We are a mixed animal practice located in Minnedosa, Manitoba, in an easily accessible location on the west side of town. We have been serving our community and the travelling public for the past 30 years. Our clinic is open Monday through Saturday, and we provide a 24 hour emergency service each day of the year.

Our veterinary practice caters to most species of animal, with a particular focus on the medical, surgical and reproductive needs of dogs, cats, cows and horses. Each member of our veterinary team has a special area of professional interest, and frequent team consultation results in a high level of care for our patients.

While the purpose of veterinary medicine is to provide healthcare for the animal kingdom, we must acknowledge the keys to success in this noble endeavor are the people who share their homes and their livelihoods with animals. When you visit our office, expect kind and courteous service. Beyond unexpected emergency demands, we succeed in keeping appointments on time. We enjoy sharing a chuckle with our clients about the lighter side of life, and it is rare that we don’t feel enriched in some way by each and every encounter with our patients and their owners! It is our privilege to serve you.